Friday, May 30, 2014

Have a WORSHIPFUL Shabbat: Remembering the Universal Purpose of Shabbat

"And it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another and from one sabbath to another shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord," (Isaiah 66:23) 
"Sanctify my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you that you may know that I am the Lord your God," (Ezekiel 20:20)

Last night, I went to a harp ensemble concert (spectacular!) and my mother-in-law introduced me to her Messianic friend (non-Jewish).  I couldn't help asking this delightful sister how she got involved in Messianic Judaism.  Her response was that she felt called to reach out to Messianic Jews and learn about Messianic Judaism.

To me, this is the real Tent of David (contrary to what some ministries teach), this dynamic of non-Jews leaving their Christian spheres of influence so that they can be nourished by Judaic spheres of influence.

Case in point:

Christians teach that the Jewish Shabbat has been abolished.  But a Messianic understands that this is a lie, that Shabbat is meant for "all flesh" and is the time that you can "know" G-d.  And, as a communal day, the only way we communal beings can really "delight" in Shabbat is by breaking off from the Christian sphere of influence and joining a community that worships on Shabbat.

As we prepare for Shavuot, I hope all the dear readers out there will not just have a restful Shabbat but a worshipful Shabbat!


  1. Is. 66:23 is an incredibly encouraging verse if we take it for what it is. I have been told that, "all flesh," includes animals, also; not just humans.

    This makes me think about early adopters, such as those who bought computers and began using technology before it caught on. So, we are the early adopters, the forerunners who step out in front and so are targets of attack and misunderstanding by the masses.

    I believe you are absolutely right about in your view of, "tent of David," as we are told that ten men all nations and tongues will take a hold of the tallit of one Jew. The gentile goes to the Jew to learn. Most in HR are not learning from Jews. Perhaps an attitude of desiring to learn, rather than seeking to instruct would evoke a more positive response from the Jewish community?

  2. Re: "Perhaps an attitude of desiring to learn, rather than seeking to instruct would evoke a more positive response from the Jewish community?"


    My case, which I don't think is atypical of Messianics, is that I felt at an early age that G-d was telling me to pursue this love for Israel to its absolute limit...that my love for Jews/Judaism/Israel is a sort of lifeline... I know that I'm not alone in thinking this.

    Each non-Jewish Messianic should show the level of respect to Jewish Believer that a younger brother should show to an older brother.

  3. Agreed. I hear this, "Judah has to accept us." I don't even want to hear the word, "Judah," and anti-rabbinics and doing torah your way and crowing about it doesn't help. I suspect one reason so many HR (mainly women) are going Tovia Singer, is that this is a route to one-upping both MJ's, other HR's and their hated church.

  4. Hovav Ben Avraham AvinuJune 6, 2014 at 6:40 AM

    I totally agree with both of you.
    The only thinkg I would change is that this respect and need to learn from jews DOES NOT restrict itself from jewish believers.
    Primarily because mosto of the "jewish" believers don't really have a jewish training education apart from christian influence.
    I do think we have a lot to learn from Judaism as it stands today.
    Note however that Judaism is one thing, the face the counter-missionaries show of Judaism is another. When I say judaism I mean the Torah commentaries (classical - like Rashi and Ramban- and modern - like Torah MiETzion) the Talmud itself, the writings of the Rambam, the Zohar, the classical mussar writings as well and the other materials that exist apart from the anti-missionarie distorted ways of presenting judaism.


  5. The antimissionaries are the John MacArthur's of Judaism. If you study their tactics, they have actually taken them from the more rigid evangelical mouthpieces and other cultic examples.

    They are even using evangelical memes. One JAM rabbi my son spoke with said, "It is not religion; it is a relationship." I wonder where they got that from? Not even original.

    The thing is, they certainly don't attract the secular, or BuJews, liberal Jews or New Agers; they attract those (probably 95% gentiles, just like MJ and HR) who are already religious, and looking for and vulnerable to a dominant male authority telling them what the truth is and what to do.

    If anyone has ever studied or had encounters with cults or cult leaders, the flavor is the same. Then they cry victim as being called cultic.

    I doubt if you can help many who are so ensnared, because there is a payoff, the ability to feel superior, be filled with anger and bitterness and look down upon others. This is like women I know who are attracted to toxic men. You can't help them because they are addicted to the sense of moral superiority they get from being with a person of low character and enjoy the drama, attention and belief they can fix someone else.

    I had some friends who were indoctrinated by antimissionaries 30 years ago, back before they gained success and numbers by evangelizing gentiles. After a few years in Orthodoxy, they were worn out by the legalism and requirements, and backed out. All of their, "wonderful, loving, supportive," Orthodox friends disappeared.