Monday, July 30, 2012


Welcome to my blog.  The format here is that I will ask some questions.  If you're interested in the topic then respond and maybe we'll talk some Torah.  I look forward to chatting with you.

QUESTION #1 for 7/30/12

If you read James' quote in Acts 15, you'll notice that he quotes from the Septuagint of Amos 9 but that it doesn't fully correspond to the Septuagint.  Modern scholars suggest that James was making a gezerah shavah and conflating multiple prophecies with the single Amos 9 prophecy.  Among the passages to which James cites are the following:

Amos 9

Hosea 3

Ezekiel 37

Zechariah 8


Why did he quote these particular passages?




  1. "The format here is that I will ask some questions."

    Peter, congrats on the new blog.

    Asking questions is fine. However, I hope it will not be THE FORMAT of your blog, but that you will make posts where you will express some definitive ideas that you would like everyone to subscribe to and that we can "attack" and dismantle bit by little bit:).

    1. Ha! Sounds good. I will change the format to "ATTACK MODE."

  2. In my opinion, the reason those scriptures are used, is because Yeshua, just like David, would unite Israel in its fullness, even reuniting the 2 Houses of Israel, and establishing a new covenant with them.

    As Josephus records, the Northern Kingdom who was exiled, was still across the Euphrates in his day and they were an immeasurable multitude.

    Yeshua will one day, unite them once again. This is what scripture teaches. Side note, I do not agree with the claims of Two House Theory, no offense meant by that. I just believe there is nothing wrong with being a gentile. :P

  3. Zion,

    Yes! Thanks for the Josephus reference. I like it when people can support their comments with solid, historical evidence. They'll try, of course, to invalidate this evidence but, to reasonable minds, this offers solid evidence as to the first-century Jewish opinion regarding the whereabouts of the lost tribes. Maybe I'll do a post about Two House at some point...gotta add that to the growing list of blog post ideas...