Sunday, April 6, 2014

Panic-Mode: UMJC Increases Mobilization Against the One-Law Movement

In the past few weeks, the UMJC:

  • held an emergency conference in San Diego about One Law Theology
  • created an anti-One-Law site called (it basically encourages Gentiles to learn about the dangers of One-Law by reading the blogs of James Pyles and Drek Lemon and studying the teachings of FFOZ). 
  • leveraged their political clout to obtain some highly sought-after internet domain names in order to increase the UMJC's internet presence
The funny thing is...I don't have a UMJC behind me promoting my blog like those guys.  Yet if you Google "Messianic Judaism blog" this is the first blog that comes up on the search.  Not bad for a free Blogger account, eh?   : )


  1. Good post... appears truth is winning... Have written multiple posts on One Law and certainly appreciate the things I've learned over here!!

  2. On the welcome page, it says:

    "I have noticed that many Gentiles drawn to the Jewish roots of their Christian faith do not know where to find reliable resources and often get sidetracked by self-proclaimed experts on the Internet who lack theological training and accountability."

    Then post links to bloggers who are self-proclaimed experts and lack theological training... (shooting yourself in the foot)

    This website, does not give reliable sources, but instead a vast range of opinionated bloggers, who all share the same agenda.

    Thus this is just another website with unreliable sources for gentiles drawn to the reality of their faith.