Thursday, August 22, 2013

Messianic Wish-List for a Teacher at Church

A Messianic who visits a church will naturally yearn for a teacher who has some of the following qualities:

(1) Jewish descent or, at least, philo-Judaic;

(2) familiarity with Messianic teachings and teachers;

(3) seminary educated or, at least, a scholar.

(4) keen analytical and logical mind;

(5) humble;

(6) respectful;

(7) disciplined;

(8) detached from cultural Christianity and focused on rediscovering Biblical culture.

Yeah, you guessed it.  HaShem has blessed me and my wife with such a teacher!   He's this ex-military, seminary-educated, Harley-riding, pro-Messianic, Theological juggernaut.  I think HaShem has a sense of humor.  : )

Don't listen to the lies of Satan!  We serve a G-d who really loves us and hears our prayers!  (Even though the answers to our prayers and sometimes quite unexpected)


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    1. You're one of those unexpected answers to prayer, Dan. : )