Saturday, November 2, 2013

Personal Update

I didn't blog any this past week because I started a new job.  Had to learn some new things (an understatement).  But now I'm up to speed and ready to resume blogging!

The next post is going to cover a section of a Dr. Michael Brown book dealing with atonement, specifically the question:  "Do we really need a blood atonement?" [NOTE:  it's amazing how G-d works because I got online just now and saw that Rob Roy had suggested we cover Dr. Brown's books!]

After that, there's some obscure Jewish books on marriage that I read a long time ago using inter-library loans.  I'll try to share some of the highlights from those.  Such wonderful insights into the mysteries of love!

Blessings to all who dwell in the House of the Father,


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  1. Glad to hear it! Definitely a worthwhile topic. :)