Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Does G-d Listen to the Prayers of Sinners?

This past Sunday I was walking through the halls in the local Baptist church we visit and I saw someone I knew.  We started talking about how the church was going to be doing a prayer study for the next few weeks and somewhere in this conversation the gentleman made the following comment:

"G-d doesn't listen to the prayers of someone who has sin in their life"

Discussion Question:  Do you agree or disagree with the gentleman?


  1. Since everyone is a sinner, in this case, all prayers are worthless. Not buying it.

    What verse was he referencing? Proverbs 28:9?

  2. This friend should read Prov. 28:9 in Hebrew, or look it up online. The verse should read: He who turns away his ear from hearing (sh'ma-ing) which means listening with the intent to be quick to heed and obey, then even his prayer is an abomination.

    So, my take is that if a person is knowingly and willingly turning his ear away from what the Holy One is speaking to him via torah, his prayer shall be something despicable and detestable. I notice that the NIV is the only version that seems to skirt the word, "law." So much for, "the law has been done away."

    The comment is rather vague. I don't know what he means by, "sin." I am sure the speaker had, "chata'at," - missing the mark, in his own life. We are told that he teaches sinners his ways. I am guessing that the man is referring to a person who chooses to remain in sin and then takes part in prayer for show, and of course something like this would be disgusting. But it doesn't say that the prayer isn't heard, only that it is not received favorably.