Monday, January 20, 2014

Personal Update

The teacher and his wife at church now want to meet up for a meal and discuss Messianism more in depth with me and my wife.  They're now expressing the desire to visit a Messianic congregation.  Baruch HaShem!

Also, I visited a One-Law congregation again this past weekend---how I love them!  The only issue is that the congregation is so far away...

Prayer request:  I'm going to ask some people at the church this week for permission to use one of the classrooms for a Messianic fellowship.  Pray that, if it is HaShem's will, they will be open to this.

Blessings in Yeshua,



  1. Peter,

    We also find ourselves some distance away from a Messianic congregation so have been meeting in our home with a few other believers.

    I'll be in prayer for both your dinner and your asking to use the church facilities. May HaShem grant you favor in their eyes.


  2. Thanks Ken! I really appreciate your prayers! I was just getting ready to email someone about this in the next few minutes.