Sunday, July 27, 2014

Responding to the False Rhetoric of Marriage "Equality", Islamo-"phobia" (etc)

Are you "against equality"?  Well, according to the Equality bumper sticker (depicted above, top), if you are against homosexual marriage then you are also "against equality."

Are you "intolerant"?  According to the "Coexist"bumper sticker (depicted above, bottom), if you voice any negative opinions about other religions then you are, impliedly, an intolerant bigot.

How should we respond to such rhetoric?  I'll share a few suggestions:

  • ACCUSATION:  "You are against marriage equality."
  • RESPONSE:  "I'm against equating evil with good.
  • ACCUSATION:  "You are an Islamophobe."
  • RESPONSE:  "On the contrary, as a rational person, I fear destructive evil."

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