Friday, October 31, 2014

Islamic Domination of Temple Mount Must End

"I believe in the back of their minds they know the truth, they know they are squanderers, they know they stole from us, they know that the Islamic period on the Temple Mount will be over.....[I can't promise that it will be possible to build the Temple in a peaceful way].  Our enemies only understand strength," --Yehuda Etzion

When any rational person stops to think for a moment and asks, "Out of all possible locations in the world, why did the Islamists construct mosques on the top of Mount Moriah, the location of the ancient Jewish Temple?"

The world thinks things on the Temple Mount are tense now?  CLICK HERE FOR LINK

The world has no idea what's about to happen.

Not only are there plenty of Jews in Israel who desire to reclaim Mount Moriah for G-d (CLICK HERE FOR LINK), there are supporters all over the world.

I've been feeling something for the last week and I'm curious if anyone else has felt anything.  Maybe it's just me...

Or maybe the age of Islamic Domination of the Temple Mount is reaching its end.

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