Friday, October 24, 2014

Open Letter to Caleb Hegg (and Anyone Else Who Doubts That One Law is Not a Judaism)

I was listening to the Rob and Caleb Show #47 (LINK) and was a little puzzled by something Caleb Hegg said.  And this ties into my previous post.  He essentially indicated that he believes that the Messianic Faith is not a Judaism.  

Now why might he believe that?

Remember from my last post that I suggested that the key distinctive between Judaism and non-Judaism is the conceptual model for law/authority.  The Judaic distinctive is, broadly speaking, a belief that the Law of Moses is still controlling.

But doesn't Caleb Hegg agree with this premise?

Indeed, he seems to agree that the Law of Moses is controlling.  So his reluctance to be grouped with Judaism is probably based on his belief that there is no level of Rabbinic Authority whatsoever.

But I would respectfully submit to Mr. Hegg that Karaite Judaism also believes that there is no level of Rabbinic Authority and yet Karaite Judaism is still considered a Judaism!  And why?  Because they do feel on some level that the Law of Moses is still controlling.

So let's embrace it already!  We believe and practice a Judaism.  Is this really so surprising?  Our Messiah is a Jew after all.  : )

Love and respect to Caleb Hegg, he does good work for the Body.

Blessings and Shalom,



  1. Shalom Peter.

    I should first say that I enjoy your blog, and reference it quite often when I am looking at things and need a good "One Torah" perspective.

    I did say something to that effect, I haven't gone back to listen to it. I definitely should have clarified, and I apologize for not doing so. Sometimes I forget that people haven't read some of my other posts, and forget I need to say more about certain things. This is one of them.

    Awhile back I wrote a short paper for a class on modern judaisms that I took at TorahResource Institute. The paper was called "Is Messianic Judaism Really Part of Modern Judaism." (link to the paper here The intent of the paper is actually to show that if "modern Judaism" wants to say that we are not a part of Judaism, then why have the Hassidic ripped off our theology. I begin by showing how many modern Jews might think of believers today, and more importantly, how they view Messianics. I then turn to the modern Jewish theology of the tzadik. I try to show that the theology of the tzadik is nothing more than theology of the Messiah Yeshua found in the Apostolic Scriptures, but transplanted into modern Jewish theology.

    All this to say, that this is what I was thinking of when I made the statement on the RCShow, and most certainly should have clarified. My intent was not to say that Messianic belief isn't a part of Judaism, but rather that modern Judaism does not see us as such. Something I would reject and argue against.

    I will make sure to mention this on the next show. I thank you for pointing out my error in this matter, and hope that this post has cleared it up.


  2. Good to hear from you Caleb. And thank you for the clarification.

    I'm keeping you accountable because you are very important to the future of our movement! : )

    Have a Good Shabbat,


  3. Read your paper and really appreciated the premise which you set forth in it. Also, apprectaited the further response you offered above.