Monday, November 10, 2014

"Ten Persistent Questions" by Tim Hegg

I finally took the plunge and ordered "Ten Persistent Questions."  Mostly to get Dan off my back.  But also because when I read the description just now, I really liked the premise--answering ten questions most often raised against Torah observance:

 • 1. Didn't Yeshua Declare All Foods Clean? (Mark 7:19)
 • 2. If We're to Keep the Torah, What About Animal Sacrifices?
 • 3. If Yeshua and His Apostles Changed the Sabbath to Sunday, Doesn't That Prove That the Torah Has Been Done Away With?
 • 4. Doesn't Paul Dismiss the Torah's Laws About Food, Festivals, New Moons, and Sabbaths in Colossians 2?
 • 5. In Peter's Vision (Acts 10), Didn't God Make it Clear that there was No Longer any Need to Keep the Food Laws of the Torah?
 • 6. Paul Make it Clear that we are "Not Under the Law." Doesn't that mean that we are no longer required to keep Torah?
 • 7. If Paul abolished the commandment of circumcision, doesn't that prove that the Torah has been abolished?
 • 8. Didn't the Jerusalem council (Acts 15) make it clear that the Torah was only for the Jewish people?
 • 9. Wasn't the Torah given to condemn sinners and not for a guide to live righteously? (1 Tim 1:8; Gal. 3:19)
 • 10. Didn't God abolish the ceremonial and civil parts of the Torah, requiring of us only the moral laws?

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