Thursday, February 26, 2015

Today I Learned Something Interesting About Musician Glen Campbell

My wife and I came across this really sad song written by Glen Campbell, a song he wrote while battling Alzheimers.  It's called "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" because he's facing the sad prospect of forgetting everyone he loves.  See video here.  That was our introduction to his music.  We also liked this one:  Ghost on the Canvas.

Hearing this man's soul was gift enough.

But just now my wife read online that Glen Campbell and his wife are Messianic non-Jews and have been involved in Messianic Judaism for decades!  They attended Beth Emunah out in California.

So now I like him even more.  I assume he's still alive and battling Alzheimers.  So please remember him and his family in a prayer.




  1. I was Glen Campbell fan years ago... Sad to hear 'alzheimers' but glad to know he is a fellow sojourner!! Will keep them in prayer and dust off some old music!

    Thanks for this!