Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blood Moons: Is Something Big Going to Happen in September 2015?

Recently, someone asked me to read Hagee's book about the Blood Moon tetrads.  So, last night before bed, I finally glanced through it.  My impression was that Mr. Hagee is very pro-Israel and well meaning.  And may G-d bless him and anyone who actively blesses Israel.

But what of these "blood moons"?

So, to summarize, since 1492, there has only been 3 tetrads of blood moons (groups of four), each instance coinciding with a major event for the Jewish People (e.g. the Spanish Inquisition, Modern Rebirth of Israel, and the Six Day War which resulted in the reunification of Jerusalem).

And the next blood moon, the last in the tetrad, is apparently coming up on...

September 28, 2015.  

That's this upcoming Sukkot (aka "Feast of Tabernacles").

So here's the thing.  I don't put a lot of stock in these types of things.  I mean, one could find something horrible occurring in just about any date--or something really good occurring in just about any date.  In other words, I'm a skeptic.

That said...

We're already commanded to be vigilant, awaiting the Day of L-rd.  We're already commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  So let's continue doing what we're supposed to be doing.  And that way, if something does occur this September, and that's a big "if", then we will not be caught off guard.

That's my take anyway.  Does anyone have any thoughts about these blood moons?


  1. Things are certainly changing in our world, and things are getting worse, I think something is definitely coming, maybe another world war, maybe an economic collapse, maybe both, but this does not mean, the end is near or here, even if something prophetic happens around or as a result of these blood moons. Like I stated in a previous blog post, both Daniel and Revelation come to life in a world that is not seen today, so to think the Tribulation or the day of the lord is coming, is not correct, no "ifs and buts" about it. Until we see the players described in Revelation and Daniel in place, in the form of a one world government (Daniel 7:23+) and 10 kings ruling over the world (the US no longer being its own sovereign nation), we simply are not there yet, too much has to come to pass, that has not yet happened, it could happen quickly, but until it does, we are not there yet.

    1. Well, the flip-side is, that an event/events may take place during Sept that brings about such a great change that sets all the final players in position. Honestly, what would it take? The economic collapse of the US would easily trigger a global collapse, not to mention all the roiting, looting, etc. What about the rapture itself? There are no prerequisets for that event. It can happen at any moment and would surly be momentous enough to set the stage for the last 7 years. The Tribulation need not start the very moment after a global disaster, it only needs the tinderbox to touch the flame, the event that brings all the players together and there is nothing better to do that than a crisis.

  2. What is the difference between Hebrew Roots & Messianic Judaism?

    1. Great question. Now, you'll get a different answer from each group but for me, speaking as a Non-Jewish Messianic Judaist, I would define the 2 something like this:

      Messianic Judaism is the belief system in which Believers follow Yeshua as the promised Messiah of Israel, attempt to pattern their lifestyles and worldview based on Scripture and Judaic Tradition, and identify as members of the People of Israel.

      Hebrew Roots is virtually synonymous with Messianic Judaism. But those who self-identify this way tend to think of themselves as Christians. I would define Christianity as an anti-Judaic version of Judaism. Christianity, I would argue, qualifies as a Judaism in the sense that it's primary texts were written by Jews and the New Testament is the product of a first-century sect of Judaism. While over time Christianity evolved into something different, Christianity nevertheless still bases much of its identification and practices with models set forth in the Hebrew Bible.

      Did that help at all or have I made matters worse? : )

    2. Depends on who you talk to... The key thing is that we are all on the same team and father is doing an amazing work in our day!!

      From my perspective, Hebrew roots generally describes non-Jews who are coming to a recognition of the importance of YHVH's instructions (Torah) in our lives. I.e., we are coming to a greater understanding of the very Hebrew roots of our faith and the very Hebrew (Jewish) Messiah who rightly taught the Torah, NOT discarded the Torah.

      Messianic Judaism is an odd misnomer from the perspective that all of Judaism is Messianic, it mostly looks forward to the future coming of the Messiah. Most 'Messianic Jews' are those who believe that the Messiah is Yeshua (Jesus, by a non-Hebrew name) and they, unlike most of Judaism, expect His second coming, rather than a first coming.

      Where the lines get a little blurry has more to do with what each group believes regarding the place of the Torah in the life of non-Jews.

      Mainstream Hebrew roots and a small segment of Messianic Judaism believe that the Torah is the standard of righteousness for all who would believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This would generally be called 'One Law' or 'One Torah.'

      The larger segment of Messianic Judaism would claim that the Torah is the primary (sole?) responsibility of the Jews and non-Jews have no such requirement... Thus, some sticky conversations and sometimes less than loving debates/discussions.

      Personally, I see the scriptures bearing out over and over again that God has one standard, one people (composed of Jew and non-Jew), one faith, one baptism. We are living in incredibly rare air as we see prophetically, many, many things being fulfilled including the restoration of the Kingdom. (Acts 1:6)

      So, it is a terrific and valid question, but who you ask may generate some very different responses.

      My 2¢..


  3. Pretty much agree on the blood moons. Have been watching for a couple years and believe they are best understood in hindsight. That said, the moon is given as part of the celestial bodies for 'signs and seasons'... And, the tetrad is highly unusual....

    I hold it with an open hand and try to stay focused on preaching/teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom!

  4. Times of the kingdom are nearly finished.

    The 4- 7 times periods of lev 26 all ended by 1922.
    daniels 1290 years was the last 3 of the 7/430 year periods since the time of the taking of the ark and davids birth.
    1089bc to 1922 ad.

    Only daniels 1150th solar eclipse of chap8(which will finish on 8-21-17 and is the Day of YHVH),
    the season and time(lunar eclipse of 1-31-18-gog-magog) of the extension of the lives of the other beasts of daniel 7. are left.

    The chaff of the image/gog-magog is what is erroneously translated as 'when he will scatter the power of the holy people" in Daniel 12 all will be finished.
    It is 1-31-18 that ends all of daniels times and the beginning of the kingdom.

    In between now and 8-21-17 comes the destruction of lebanon/bashan(isaiah 33 the breaking of the covenant with the jews by benedicts 2006 declaration that we are under the original covenant and to not need to convert),

    Lebanon/bashan is the last main issue to comes before the paling of the sun(last verse of isaiah 24 and the scenario in mathew 24 minus the "son of man" distinction.

    This is the shaking of the heavens and is also what is mentioned as the day of gloom in zachariah 14.

    THIS is the day known ONLY to YHVH(the devine beings do not even know it ,neither does the son of perdition/isaiah 14 day-star,daniel8:25,little horn of dan7,...all are benedict.

    This is the day of many things but for brevitys sake I will mention only the ressurection of the dead.

    This occurs before gog-magog on 1-31-18.

    We are told in daniel12 that the chaff of the image finishes all. ALL is inclusive of the ressurected spoken of in the beginning of daniel12.

    So, as briefly as I could, i have given you the itinerary on what is coming.

    Now- as far as the blood moons- well, the 1150th lunar eclipse took place this past pesach. It is the time between this one and the former one that fulfils the time times and deviding of the eclipses as to when the little horn no longer prevails over the righteous of Israel.
    That date was january 8th 2015.
    I know it and so do a few million more jews.

    This coming total eclipse sept 8th is irrelevant since the 1150 lunar eclipse have passed.
    WHAT IS RELEVANT is that benedict may try to use it as a sign to continue to try and ALTER the times.

    THis could be the beginning of the lebanon conflict.

    Judahs stick is in islam. Daish contains the tribes of psalms 68.

    They are the tribes that will fulfil removing the idolatry(christianity) of ezekiel 11.

    They will come to jerusalem after lebanon zephaniah, joel and nahum. Isaiah 13.

    It is somewhere in time, as all this occurs, that the sun pales and the ressurrected shine. a time known only to YHVH

    This is not the coming of Yehoshua. This is the coming of the Name of YHVH,Isaiah 30-behold the name of YHVH comes from afar.

    THIS is ELIYAH, not elijah the prophet. malachai is talking about the prophesy(not prophet) of the name of YHVH.

    ELIYAH means YAH is GOD.

    I can be concise on every point with the prophets if need be. If anyone is interested.


  5. A little more clarification on daniel 12:

    after 1922, the time of then end is 90 years. this is calculated by understanding that the MIDDLE of this time of the end is 45 years(1922 plus 45 is 1967/1335th year/ plus 45 equals 2012.

    Then we finish with the eclipses. Then the extension of life for gog- lunar eclipse of 1-31 18.


  6. one other explanation concerning the times in relation to the tribulation period of mathew 24.

    First of all: it is about Judah and jerusalem, not christianity.

    secondly it starts with the actions of a group in daniel11:31.
    Those actions are also re-itterated in mathew 24.
    (let he who reads daniel understand).

    The correct translation of 11:31 is:" they will take away the place of THE sacrifice."
    The place of the sacrifice of the messiah of aaron is to be in the city of david"behold I lay in Zion...." Isaiah 28,Psalms 118.

    "They will pollute the consecrated rock" This is the rock of Abraham on Mt.Moriah under the dome of the rock.

    "They will place the idol that creates a stupor on the place of the sacrifice"

    NOW, if you know History and daniel12 ,you could understand that the people who did all three of these things were the Byzantines after they took over jerusalem from persia in 629ad.

    Mohammed died in 632ad. Heraclius no longer feared islamic retribution so they made the place of the Rock(which was also held holy by Islam because of the hageira story of 622ad) their cesspool.

    They removed the apostolic synagogue from the city of david along with 50 or so others thruout jerusalem.

    They then built the tribute to mary called the Dormition abbey. This was later made more elaborate by kaiser Wilhelm in 1910.
    This is the shikkoots shawmame.

    The byzantines also killed as many jews at this time as they could and made a mandate throut all their kingdom that jews must convert or die.

    THIS is the beginning of the trubulation period spoken of in mathew 24.

    632ad to jan 8th 2015.

    It is now over.
    Within Israel today are righteous jews(and probably some gentiles) who worship YHVH only and follow the teachings given to Moses.

    They are not corrupted by compromise in association with christianity or the wads of money christianity throws israels way to keep them quiet about the truth of the tanakh concerning Messiah of Aaron and the messiah of david.

    For a short while, until zepaniah,isaiah13,Ezekiel11,Micah 2-5,Isaiah13 and others find their fulfilment, the sinners and idolaters in YHVHs' land continue to exist.Finding peace as those who are the elect do.
    That is going to end shortly for the sinners and idolaters.

    Lebanon/bashan will increase things dramatically.