Sunday, July 12, 2015

And Now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT...


So the announcement that rabbi Richman promised was going to be "...ground-breaking, earth-shattering, life-changing, game-changing...the result of almost three decades of intensive research...something that is basically gonna rock the world...something that you never saw before..."---is in fact...about... cows.

In the video released July 12th, 2015, rabbi Richman announced:
"...the Temple Institute has embarked upon an unprecedented historical project to raise a herd of cows here in the land of Israel..."
So this is how most of us are feeling today at this news...

Some of us might have half-expected to turn on the news and see an army of rabbis on bulldozers heading straight towards the Dome of the Rock.  Instead, we've got....


But, the reality, is that this is actually good news.  Yes, it may not seem like it to those of us who lost sleep over the hype.  I actually starting writing this post at 5AM on 7/12/15 (I woke up automatically without an alarm because I was excited).  But the Red Heifer is very important to the building of the next Temple.  

And I will celebrate this news.

But first I'm going back to sleep.  After all, it's still dark outside.  : )



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  1. Indeed, monumental letdown...

    Gonna be hard to take them seriously for a while, unless their search for the heifer indicates that they believe they have ALL other parts of the Temple ready to go...