Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Cheaters" [Reblogged from Kineti L'Tziyon]

I realized something after reading Judah's newest post.  In it, he describes the fallout of divorce and how this broken-homeness is often self-perpetuating.

It occurred to me just now that broken-homeness also happens when a congregation splits in half.  Think about it:  all of those damaged relationships, trust destroyed, people who used to be friends who now have to avoid each other wherever they go.

So if G-d hates it when the relationship between a husband and wife is permanently destroyed, doesn't He also hate it when relationships are permanently destroyed on a massive scale in the form of a communal split?

Maybe if a covenant is needed between a man and a woman then it is also needed between members of a Messianic community.


  1. By definition, when we enter into covenant with Him, we have covenant obligations to all other who are in covenant with Him. By covenant, we cannot injure another party. we must leave it in His hands and walk at peace and harmony.

    If we take matters into our own hands, we now have placed ourselves into confrontation with the Suzerain Covenant Maker and can receive just punishment....

    Your thoughts are correct!!

  2. Peter,

    My friend you have grossly overlook your own threads. On 7/24/15 at 10:09. I made a response. You then followed by stating, "why take there where they would be uncomfortable?" Then on 7/25/15 at 2:34, I CLEARLY ask you a question sir. You then followed up on 7/26/15 at 5:28 am by asking a question. Can you explain how you just overlook that question prior to your post? This is how a conversation work. Evidence shows I presented a question that you clearly refuse to answer. I wonder why? I see also your understanding agency is misunderstood. Nevertheless, the ball is in your court. I was very lucid of asking you where does the bible say it's a salvational issue to believe Yeshua is Elohim (not son of Elohim)? However, it appears you have questions which we can hammer out as long as you visit the prior post. Just for your to see that I've ask this question of you. Because you only address one question to me "comfort with your family at David fellowship). All other comments were to anonymous.

    1. Gifted,

      I'm guessing you intended for this comment to appear in a different post. I think you might've been trying to comment on a post regarding the Divinity of Yeshua where I posted a long table of verses where Paul attributes certain Adonai texts from the Tanak directly to Yeshua. You NEVER responded to this cumulative set of evidence.

      So our conversation has been like this:

      (1) I present evidence;

      (2) You ignore the evidence and ask for more evidence;

      (3) I politely ask for you to address the first set of evidence.

      I'm still waiting for you to do the polite thing. Don't expect another response from me until you have addressed EVERY Scriptural passage I've presented. Fair is fair.

  3. It is possible that this site on John's gospel (Jewish Gospel of John) may be of some interest to you -

    Brachot, Eli (