Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Word of Encouragement to the Commenters Being Censored at Leman's and Boaz's Blog

"Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself," --Justice Potter Stewart

It also reflects a blogger's lack of confidence in himself.  A confident man is not afraid to have someone disagree with him.

I recently said something about Boaz that was harsh and got rebuked for it.  I'm glad people on this blog feel free to rebuke me.  Yes, it sometimes hurts to hear people disagree with you.  But we must allow them to speak--for their conscience's sake as well as for our own good.  The wounds of a friend are faithful after all.

You know, it's funny:  the Ekklesia, in the classical sense, was a group of citizens who gathered to FREELY DISCUSS THE ISSUES OF THEIR DAY.  How can we call ourselves an Ekklesia if we're afraid to do the same?

This censorship in the Messianic blogosphere needs to stop.


  1. i had a post deleted from derek's "one law" discussion saying i was off topic... pft!

    that was the last time i posted on his site and i quit reading him shortly after because i felt like his blog was for a clique i was not part of...

  2. Yes, Derek's new philosophy on censoring those holding to a "one-law" perspective I find to be very worrisome. But it's his blog, his rules. I'm just not going to take my time to post to his page if he's going to be editing out every idea he thinks is off topic.

    It makes me wonder what prompted this new censorship of one-law ideas. Are more and more people beginning to take issue with his: "Only Jews are Israel" theology?

  3. We beat them to the pulp, they are getting scared and circling the wagons. How long do you think before their whole house of card is going to collapse?