Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Currently reading...

...McKee's book about Acts 15.  I've read virtually everything written about Acts 15 and this book ranks right up there with the best.  I'll hopefully finish it later today.

I wish I didn't have to work, that I could just read all day!  : /


  1. Find a job where you can do a mix of both... :P

  2. I've got it, and read most of it, and it is excellent. If you do a formal review, I'd be interested in republishing it.

    I enjoyed your review of "Are non-Jewish Believers really a part of Israel." I'm going to hold off on putting it up on the Messianic Publications site, only because I'm working on a review of that one as well and already mentioned to John that I'd be posting it (and I don't want to post a review of the same book back-to-back) so I'm going to hold on to yours and post it a bit later.