Thursday, September 12, 2013

Has It Started Already?

Funny thing happened earlier today.

I had been thinking about going from church to church, giving talks about how Believers can bless Israel and seeing how much interest exists for a Messianic fellowship.  For some reason, I had the idea in my head that African American churches would be a great place to start. I'm at the library and overhear this African American lady mention the church where my family visits.  So that started a two-hour conversation.

Here's the synopsis:

She's one of the teachers at her church (which is a different church than where my family visits).  She said they were very pro-Israel, said I should talk to the pastor, visit the congregation, said it was a great idea to start a Messianic fellowship, that lots of people would be interested, etc.  She was VERY enthusiastic (even gave me the pastor's card and wrote her name on the back, telling me to reference her).

So has it started already?

Guess I'll have a lot of work to do after Yom Kippur...     : )




  1. I hope so brother! We have been working on starting a fellowship for a while now and it's had it's ups and downs...

    We are currently praying for God to bless us with a building so we can begin advertising our meetings and not just have anyone and everyone coming to our house.