Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Messianic Worlds Collide in Church

This might be a first:  I've actually asked some pastors to mediate a conflict I have with someone in the UMJC.  What possible sort of conflict-resolution jurisdiction might those pastors have, you ask?  Well the conflict occurs at their church and involves people involved with their church.

Now, I feel like this type of conflict resolution is beyond man's capabilities.  But maybe if you readers out there pray hard enough then G-d can make changes even where man is unable (or unwilling).




  1. I have never seen inter-congregational discipline that follows Matthew 18 or any other biblical principles. I'm not saying that I haven't seen it done SUCCESSFULLY - I'm saying that in all my years I've never seen it done! I'd be interested in the results.

    1. To my surprise, it's actually moving forward. So please continue your prayers.