Saturday, May 3, 2014

Converting the Converted: 2 Questions for the Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Counsel (MJRC)

[Background:  For those who don't know, the MJRC offers conversions:  CLICK HERE FOR LINK]

Dear MJRC:

I just have a couple of quick questions for anyone sitting on the MJRC (maybe Derek Leman would like to chime in since he has some direct experience with this):

(1) As you all know, the Hebrew word for conversion is teshuvah (turning).  But if one is already facing the right direction (Yeshua), why does he need to turn and face in a different direction?

(2) How can the Covenant, Way of Life, and People offered by Yeshua be so deficient and unsatisfying that one would need to seek better options?

Yours Very Sincerely,



  1. They can't get any Jews to join them, so they need to wave their magic wand and make gentiles Jews, just like they make rabbis out of guys who barely know Bar Mitzvah level Hebrew, if that.

    But I believe that a business has a right to sell any legal product they like, including fake rabbi and fake Jewish certification. Don't you think I have just as much right to call myself a rabbi as they do? Perhaps you will give me smicha :) Then I can make pronouncements of ineffable truth and wisdom. For a small fee, I might even wave my magic wand and not only will I make you a Jew, I will confer JAP status on all the ladies. What more can you ask?

    Peter, since you are an insider, does Schiffman have anything to do with Leman, as I believe they are both on the fake rabbinical counsel? I am not sure Schiffman is channeling Leman or vice versa, but you get the same nasty attack and refusal to provide evidence for claims. I also suspect David ben Avraham is an alter ego of Schiffman, but can't prove it. Set on journalist loose in MessyWorld and they run scared.

  2. Princess,

    I'm no insider. I mean, I would love nothing more than to interview one of these "rabbis"--perhaps in the style of Barbara Walters--and get them to answer some tough questions. But we all know that will never happen.

    And all I know about Schiffman/Leman is that they both belong to MJRC/UMJC.

  3. If I had the time and energy, I would love to go all investigative journalist on them. There really needs to be an, "Operation Moneychangers Tables." I am not saying everyone is a fraud, but there are enough, and no one dares out the frauds.

    It seems Leman/Schiffman et al have this tactic of not answering questions, and then castigating the person who asks. The only people I know who aren't compromised are those outside the system. James has been encouraging Jewish persons like myself to be a part of an MJ congregation. Why?

    Also, do you know of any HR/MJ group that does not treat women as second class citizens, a la evangelical theology? CTOMC - and I like David Negley - says they won't discuss women on their rabbinic counsel as it caused so much conflict. This tells me they are not any better than the others.

  4. See how touchy he is, and I suspect this other commentator is his alter ego, but can't be sure

  5. Dr. Schiffman is an honorable man. Please stop demonizing him. Derek Leman is another story all together. A chaletan on the level of Benny Hinn...

  6. He was the one demonizing me, and either his alter ego or buddy joined him. It just seemed like the same old manipulative stuff, same old corrupt organizations. If they allow a charlatan to join their exclusive group (but don't allow any women) that says something.

  7. I'm only half-way through reading the link but I just had a thought.

    Under what authority does a rabbi make a person a Jew?


  8. Great question! I'll answer this in a new post.

  9. Yesha'yahu ShomerMay 11, 2014 at 12:07 AM

    It's like what Y'Shua said, they themselves are not entering and they keep others from doing the same.