Monday, May 19, 2014

My Encounter with Spiritual Forces at a Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia

So this was weird...

I've tried three or four times to visit a local seminary library--at the Union Presbyterian Seminary.  The first time, the gatekeeper of the library told me that it would cost me $3000 a year to be able to visit the library.

Later, thinking that must've been wrong, I contacted the seminary's library and was told I could visit for the day.  Yay!  So I went over there...walking across the courtyard I felt something in my spirit, I had this crazy feeling that I was in enemy territory, I sensed a hatred of Israel...  But that was crazy, I thought to myself.  Besides, I just had to see what was inside this library!  So, pushing the negative feelings aside, I went inside and was told that I had been misinformed, that I wasn't allowed to visit the library.

So then (I don't give up easily) I emailed the director of the library, asking if I could visit.  He sent an email saying that was not the policy and asking why I wanted to visit.  I explained that my interest was in Jewish studies.

No reply.

Now it has been brought to my attention that the Presbyterians have declared war on the Jews.  Sounds ridiculous?  Read on:


May HaShem be true to His word concerning those that hate Israel!

May HaShem bless His Eternal City and His People!


  1. To be precise, not all Presbyterians are at war with Israel. There are a number of different Presbyterian denominations, like Baptists or 'evangelical,' etc.

    Union Presbyterian Seminary, formerly Union Theological Seminary is decidedly liberal and as part of the PCUSA, left any conservative or in cases, even Biblical belief behind nearly 100 years ago!! Further, the PCUSA, as your link explains, is deeply into anti-Jewish stances.

    Indeed, very disturbing!!

  2. Peter, you beat me to it. PCA is the conservative arm of the Presbyterian Church and not involved in BDS. However, I phoned and emailed the office of the illustrious Tim Keller, asking what their opinion was on the hateful, "Zionism Unsettled," since I couldn't find any opinion about Israel from him. I was informed that Mr. Keller was too busy to bother with the numerous questions he receives on so many subjects. Israel was not important enough for TK to consider, or rather, I suspect he purposefully avoided providing an opinion in order to keep his marketshare on all sides of the aisle.

    I'm glad you have this info about Union Pres. Seminary, as I couldn't find anything on their website indicating which branch they were, although I discovered that the church that hosts much of their program is PCUSA. I understand PCUSA also has liberal and conservative wings, and perhaps a split is in the offing?

    I understand there are other divisions besides these two major ones, but am not aware what their stances are.

    @Pete Rambo, when you were in the Presbyterian Church, were you PCA?

    In any case, Gen. 12:3 and Ps. 129:5 are still in force, although they believe this covenant has been abrogated. I think we should sit back and watch :)

  3. I was raised in the PCA and served as an elder and a seminarian under care before taking a pulpit in the ARP (also conservative, though MUCH smaller denom).

    The PCUSA indeed has a liberal/conservative division as there are some who hope to reform from within... Lost cause by outward appearances. Most conservatives fight for a while then leave for gentler climes. The PCA is fast becoming the old PCUSA... and even now has major division that threatens to split the denomination.

    Like most Reformed denominations, the PCA is a Replacement haven, though generally they do still have a heart for Israel, unlike older sibling, PCUSA.

    Tough to watch my family in the PCA. They do passionately love the Lord, but the Westminster swill is hard to back away from!