Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Challenge to Dr. Michael Brown

So I just read Pyles' review of the radio debate between Dr. Michael Brown and Tim Hegg (Link).

That's very sad.  I'll listen to it later.

But if Dr. Michael Brown is interested in a fair fight, he should debate me.  Tim Hegg is a scholar but he isn't trained in debate.  I have doctoral-level training in debate.  And I have resolved all of the weaknesses in Hegg's arguments.  I've also studied Brown's rhetorical tactics for years, scrutinizing every televised debate he's ever been in.  So no surprises there.

I'm probably not high-profile enough (yet) for Michael Brown.  But I know that his listeners/readers visit this blog so if you're out there you can pass the message along.  My question for Dr. Michael Brown is simply this:
Are you interested in a fair fight?  




  1. JP's review was horrible...I was disappointed in Brown's tactics as well (not that they were unexpected), but Hegg handled the whole affair graciously and patiently, and sounded nothing like the meek and helpless deer-in-headlights that he makes him out to have been...I've been able to ignore him (JP) for a long time, and had forgotten how pompous he was. You should definitely listen to it for yourself.

  2. True, anyone who engages in debate needs to understand the process and evaluate their opponent's tactics. However, this was not a debate. A debate would have ground rules, which normally include that each person is allowed X minutes to speak, X minutes for rebuttal and a moderator presides. A debate should be held on neutral ground, and the radio show of one of the opponents is not neutral ground. So, I would wonder why Hegg agreed to this with no ground rules?