Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quote of the Day

"One of the ways that some non-Jews express their love for the Jewish people and Israel is to become Noahides, or people of the nations who observe the Seven Noahide Laws. This is about the best way to express such a love and attraction from a Jewish point of view, since it has the full support of Orthodox Judaism and allows Gentiles to enter into Jewish worship and community space, albeit with a radically different status than the Jewish leaders, mentors, and participants," (James Pyles, from:
That's brilliant.  

I left the following comment at his blog which I expect he'll delete:
"Please explain to me how refraining from murdering people conveys a special affection for the Jewish people.  Is that the way to show someone that you really love them?  By not stealing or being sexually promiscuous? 
The Rabbis say that to observe the Noahide "laws" is to  "sit and do nothing" (sheb ve'al ta'aseh). 
You're seriously saying that Jews feel loved when a Gentile just takes a seat and does absolutely nothing?"

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  1. According to some in the Jewish community, the Noahide laws are the minimum for the nations. Today, to be a Noahide means to disown any belief in Yeshua. I don't know that Noahides would be so accepted in Jewish space, except online. Some Noahides have their own communities and I even read that there is a Noahide Army chaplain. I think Jewish people feel love when non-Jews support Israel, speak out against antisemitism and are respectful and even take an interest in values and practices.