Friday, December 5, 2014

Open Letter to David Rudolph

Below is a copy of the email I just sent to David Rudolph (see previous blog post for context):


Just in case you care at all about how a Gentile feels when he reads Tikvat's slogan, here's a comment I just posted at my blog:

"I'm a non-Jew reading this slogan and my mental flowchart goes something like this: 
"Where Jewish People..." 
That's not me. So let's see if there's some sort of exception that would allow me to fellowship at Tikvat... 
"and Their Family and Friends..." 
Obviously the family of Jewish people are ALSO Jewish and so they are welcome.....I don't have any Jewish friends...thus, this congregation of so-called Believers in Yeshua has deliberately UNinvited me."
THAT'S how a Gentile interprets the main page of Tikvat's new website.  You will have to answer to Yeshua for that.


  1. Dear Peter,

    A couple comments. You wrote: "Obviously the family of Jewish people are ALSO Jewish."

    I am Jewish (mom's side) yet have a number of non-Jewish family members. In light of the commonality of intermarriage among today's America Jewish population, this is probably true for the majority of Jews in America today.

    You also wrote: "I don't have any Jewish friends..."

    As the saying goes, "if you want a friend, be a friend." I would hope that non-Jewish Christians especially will feel drawn to be friends to Israel and to the Jewish people. Such people are always welcome in my synagogue -- and at Tikvat Israel too, I'm sure. So maybe the slogan isn't as exclusive as you are reading it...but is a friendly exhortation to non-Jews to learn to become friends of Jewish people.

    Of course, everyone's reaction to slogans etc is different and is conditioned by their own circumstances and worldview. You are certainly entitled to yours. I just thought I'd share another perspective.



  2. I have to echo what Yahnatan said. I have Jewish family members but I'm not Jewish. I also have Jewish friends. From what little I know about Rabbi David, I think (just my personal opinion) that he's establishing his shul as primarily a Jewish venue but not exclusively, since I know non-Jews attend there. Jewish people need to feel welcomed to give honor to Moshiach in a authentically Jewish worship and community environment. I think that's what Tikvat Israel is offering.

  3. Yahnatan,

    Does the average Gentile have Jewish family?

    You missed the entire point.

  4. James,

    Do read my comment to Yahnatan. I think you've both missed the point.

    I'm expressing the reaction of the majority of Gentile readers.

  5. Peter, YOU ARE OUT, and that is all there is to it...LOL!

  6. It's okay. I don't care to belong to any club that would have me as a member. : )

    Have a good Shabbos, brother.