Wednesday, April 29, 2015

McCarn Responds to My Review of "Give Me a Place Where I May Dwell"

You can see the response HERE.  As I anticipated, McCarn is a reasonable man and open to refining his views when necessary.  While we may not see eye to eye on everything, the following common ground is sufficient for now.  In his response, he says:
"By overemphasizing physical descent I have obscured two important points...the nation includes many who likely have no physical descent from any of the Twelve Tribes, and for that reason the primary criterion for inclusion in the nation is covenantal."
Good, productive conversation.  Many thanks to McCarn for being open to an exchange of ideas!




  1. I read his response and really like his clarifications.... Much yet for all of us to learn, and this book (especially the 2nd edition) offer much to mull!


    1. Absolutely. We Messianics shouldn't be afraid to discuss ideas--even ideas in the making--because Messianic Judaism itself wouldn't exist in our time unless certain pioneers started discussing a new idea (which even now hasn't been perfected but awaits perfection by our Messiah).