Friday, January 18, 2013

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: A Look At Boaz Michael's Tent of David

Boaz writes in the table of contents of his new book "Tent of David" that "The Church is Good" and says that the Church has received three undeserved criticisms:  (1) paganism; (2) antinomianism; (3); doctrinal divisions.

"Undeserved" criticisms?  Is that a joke?

Look, I don't mind if you go to church IN ORDER TO help eradicate Christian anti-Judaism and bring Christians out of Christianity.  In other words, I don't mind if you are on a mission to put an END to Christianity (anti-Judaism) and to RESTORE Messianic Judaism (i.e. the pro-Judaic faith put forth in Scripture).

But that's not Boaz's vision.

Boaz's vision is TWO bodies of Messiah:  Christianity and Judaism.  

Boaz made one step forward and then two steps back.  He realized the faith SHOULD be Judaic.  One step forward.  But then he tells the Gentiles to have their own segregated community!  Two steps back.

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