Friday, January 18, 2013

The Rewards of Torah (Expounding the Midrash of Psalms 105:44-45 a little bit further)

I really like that Tannaitic midrash on Psalms 105:44-45 that I mentioned several posts back.  It makes me think of several concepts:

(1) if you love something because it is helpful to you, then you want to share it with as many people as possible so that they can benefit from it as well (same applies to Sinaitic Torah).  This is a covenantal reward--the ability to give something!;

(2) how do we know G-d wants intimacy with us?  Through natural law or so-called Noachide law?  NO!  Not through negative precepts but only through positive precepts ("love the Lord thy God") of Sinaitic Torah.  This is a covenantal reward--being bound to intimacy with G-d (i.e. to know true love).  Tell me, you "teachers", where in Noachide Law is a Gentile bound in love to G-d?  Where in your interpretation of the Apostolic Decree?  Is a prohibition of blood to be equated with the positive commandment to love the L-rd thy G-d?  NO!  And it was not intended as such!  The Apostles believed that the people called after His name should go and learn SINAITIC Torah (Acts 15:21) so that they could put it into practice.

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