Monday, March 18, 2013

Yet Another Perspective on Gentile Circumcision (Avram Yehoshua)

A few posts back, I provided you with a link to the Orthodox Messianic position on Gentile circumcision.  Here's a link to an article by a man with a different perspective.  I actually used to correspond with this guy (Avram Yehoshua) until he decided that I was "arrogant" for not holding to his views on circumcision (I guess you can't please everybody).  : )

Here's the article in which he argues against Tim Hegg's position:  CLICK HERE FOR LINK


  1. Just to be clear, I completely DISAGREE with Avram's position. I just wanted to show the range of views that exist regarding Gentile circumcision.

    1. The Holy Spirit, from which we are born in the spirit, confirms that we have been made acceptable to God through Yahshua's work. All Gentiles who are born of the Spirit are already circumcised by God and therefore welcome at His table.

      The Word explains that all believers are to remain in the same place from which they were called. There is no confusion. It is not a sin for a son of Israel after the flesh to be circumcised but it is not a requirement for the believing male Gentile.

      Thank you for sharing the link to Avram's biblical perspective. It leaves no room for sin and is supported by both the Word and the Spirit.

      Daniel Fuentes

  2. Greetings. I also, no longer correspond with Avram Yehoshua.He has decided to Liable me on his website, "warning" others not to associate with me and saying I am "unrepentant" in my theology. Apparently this is what I get for presenting Scripture to back up my interpretations, which include disagreeing with his views on "Circumcision" among other things.

    Circumcision is a subject that requires an unemotional study based on Scripture instead of personal bias. I've come to the conclusion the Apostolic Scriptures do not contradict Torah, surprise, surprise, and that Shaul is often very "misunderstood."

    Sincerely. Douglas Taylor.

    1. Douglas,

      Very sorry to hear that you were treated that way. Sadly, "Avram" has decided to elect himself as some sort of Pope of Judaism, a man who doesn't have to answer to anyone (not a very Jewish way to behave).

      I would like to say a hearty amen to your conclusion: "the Apostolic Scriptures do not contradict Torah, surprise, surprise, and that Shaul is often very "misunderstood."

      Keep fighting the good fight. I'll say a prayer for you right now!

      Shalom and blessings,


    2. Thank you for your prayer Peter. It is very much appreciated. May you be richly blessed.

      Douglas. :)

  3. To be fair how about just googeling: "Douglas Taylor & Avram Yeoshua?

    1. How is it "fair" to accuse someone without presenting any evidence?

    2. You'll get Avram's version of our correspondence, which is nothing like the actual correspondence we had.

      I offered up Scripture which he simply interprets differently than I do. Apparently that makes me "unrepentant." He has no clue what I believe or "teach." Sad he judges my heart, when that is Our Creator's territory.

      Douglas Taylor.