Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Torah Resource Needs Your Help

So I saw this in my email inbox just now (if you can help, CLICK HERE):


TorahResource has always taken the stance that "God's work, done God's way, will never lack God's support." From the beginning, we have made it our practice to never ask for money. We don't send out requests for donations, and we don't put envelopes in our packages intended for your donation. 
We have taken this model from Hudson Taylor, and although Taylor didn't ask for money, he had no problem making his needs known. In the past few month's our staff has been discussing and praying about how to make our needs known, without people feeling like we are soliciting donations. We do have needs and we hope brother's and sisters will be praying for us, and will be aware of our needs.
We have decided to make a page on our site that will highlight some of our needs as well as praise reports. We will be keeping this page very up to date, and hope this will give people the ability to keep us in their prayers by being aware of our needs and matters of praise. We are truly grateful for all the financial and prayer support we receive.

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