Friday, May 8, 2015

Upcoming Post and Blog Update

This weekend I'm going to try to finish a little paper on Acts 15 that provides a survey of Messianic literature on the subject.  It basically just breaks the chapter down into topics and then provides perspectives from various Messianic ministries and organizations.  I thought it would be a good resource for new-comers to the movement (and for anyone really).

I'm also going to be updating the blog as soon as I have time:  finishing the halacha section, creating a section that lists the posts which I feel are most useful, adding several new resources to the links section (including a transliterated Tanak), and eventually adding the complete Jewish prayers in Hebrew, transliterated, and in English.  Some of these are long term goals.


  1. Peter, have you considered updating your commenting system to a Disqus commenting system? It's a lot more convenient to use, has a lot more functionality, and so on. Moreover, the general public seems to respond to having to use a Disqus commenting system better, as opposed to having to use a more traditional blog commenting system.

    Just my good faith suggestion. :-)

    1. It is Disqus. Unless it somehow got switched back to the old blogger system. Not sure how to check... What functionality is missing?

    2. Peter said: "It is Disqus. Unless it somehow got switched back to the old blogger system. Not sure how to check... "

      No, it isn't Disqus. I recommend checking on this. To compare, go to, for example, and look at their comment threads for their articles. That's Disqus in action.

      - - - - - - - - - -

      Peter said: "What functionality is missing?"

      For starters, the ability to edit my posts. No matter how hard I try, I always make mistakes in my posts (i.e. grammatical errors, forgetting something, etc.). At least Disqus allows me to edit my posts, as opposed to forcing me to delete them and repost them.

    3. I implented Disqus after receiving complaints about the Blogger commenting system. So it must've reverted back to Blogger commenting when I recently changed the blog's layout template. I had no idea it switched back.

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