Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seinfeld and Eschatology

I used to watch the show Seinfeld.  One of the recurring jokes I got a kick out of was when a character would say things like "Barring some unforeseen incident" or "Barring any unforeseen developments" and then, right on cue, something unforeseen would occur and hilarious chaos would ensue.

My point?

It's hard to predict things accurately.  Even when it comes to End Times prophecies in the Bible where we're given a general picture of how things unfold, we're still really sketchy on the details.

However, I would like to make a prediction...  : )

Based on the social trajectory of Gentiles in first-century Messianic communities, the fact that they were enjoying an unprecedented level of inclusion into Jewish life (for an understanding of just how "unprecedented"see the Cornelius story where Peter is shocked that G-d wants him to visit an uncircumcised man because it contradicted Jewish "law"), it seems to me that assimilation would've been inevitable.


...one wonders what might happen in the future Messianic Kingdom, a time when Gentiles are given unprecedented covenantal rights...  Would a similar pro-Judaic social trajectory lead to Gentile assimilation into Israel (just like in the old days of ancient Israel)?

I think I can say that, barring any unforeseen developments, that this assimilation will most certainly occur.

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