Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Evolutionary Morphology of Jewish Roots Christianity

It occurred to me this morning that Judaism as a religious system is a genus and within this system there are many species:  the various denominations of Judaism and even Christianity.  While it might seem odd to taxonomize Christianity this way seeing that it is in many ways anti-Judaic, the very fact that Christianity self-identifies as anti-Judaic (being against Judaism in various ways) shows that it is morphologically related to Judaism.

I also see Jewish Roots Christianity [JRC] as further speciation of Judaism.  It occurred to me this morning that JRC can be seen as the evolutionary result of mutagenic agents in the religious ecosystem.  The overriding mutagenic factor that I observe is Messianic Judaism!

But there are different species of Messianic Judaism and each has a different mutagenic effect on Christianity.

As One Law Believers, we need to introduce the One Law mutagen into Christianity to facilitate Christian evolution into One Law Messianic Judaism.

[DISCLAIMER:  no, I don't believe in macro-evolution.  I just found the terminology useful in describing what I've been observing] 

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  1. I agree, this starts by letting gentiles know they have a responsibility to the covenant they are now part of, this includes the Torah and the responsibility to Israel nationally and individually. A responsibility easily avoided when Israel has been replaced or when there is an entity separate of Israel called the "church".