Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Across the Sea

Do you believe that two people can have a psychic link?  Earlier today I was daydreaming.  I imagined standing on the shore of Sicily, facing Israel, and knowing that Israel was just across the sea.  Then I thought about how the Israelites eventually came to Sicily (there used to be a huge Jewish population there, believe it or not) and so many other peoples came there...

So I tell my wife what I was thinking about and she says that she was thinking about the phrase "across the sea" earlier today, she liked the phrase.  And she said she thought about an episode of a t.v. show she watched a while back entitled "across the sea" that took place on mysterious island.  In the episode, the people spoke Latin (of all things), and dreamed about what people there might be across the sea.

We both thought the coincidence was a bit strange.  Don't have any idea what it means thought.  Ah, well.




  1. lol You thought that whole 2 become 1 thing was just a metaphor? :)

    1. I honestly hadn't thought about that. You might be on to something there.