Saturday, May 18, 2013

We Discovered an Old, Black and White Photograph

As you, dear reader, probably know, my wife and I used to attend Tikvat Israel, a UMJC congregation.  My wife attended since she was a child.  But it turns out that my wife's ties to that building pre-date the Messianic congregation that currently uses the building.

We found an old black and white photograph--this was rather spooky--that featured some of my wife's relatives standing out in front of a very recognizable building--Tikvat Israel!  Only this was long before it was Messianic.  I think my wife's mother said it was my wife's grandmother who attended there.  

It's probably coincidence and means nothing.  Although...a part of me would like to take it as a hopeful sign...that maybe one day... who knows?

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