Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fronczak's (F.F.O.Z.) Review of David Rudolph's "Introduction to Messianic Judaism"



  1. Marketing 101: Want to make a big impact?

    1) Pick big words to praise those you support...

    2) Demonize those who you reject (of course plant a few “nice statements” here and there to use as a defense… in case others accuse you of personal attacks)...

    3) Don't talk content just characterize (or better yet mischaracterize).

    Here is a sample with some content removed. How does this read to you(imagine appropriate music as you read this)?

    Their view [MJ and FFOZ] is the: [cue glorious music] “most exciting movement of our time...a restoration of something that had been lost for over a thousand years…ever-growing body of scholarship testifies…unfortunately…” [cue shift in music to an evil-dirge like Darth Vador music]… “the world-shattering theological, ecclesiological, and eschatological ramifications of the rebirth of Messianic Judaism are often overshadowed by controversy and confusion…the term “Messianic” has been appropriated…”[really!!! By whom?!?!?] “…A movement that would ideally be a bright, clear light in the darkness testifying to the Jewishness of Jesus and the early church is often reduced to a murky glow…Adding to the confusion, some even claim that terms like “Messianic,” “Jewish,” and “Christian” are ultimately so nebulous and difficult to define that they have lost their usefulness…” [fade back to glorious music again] Fortunately, the Messianic Jewish movement is home to a growing number of scholars who are well-qualified—both through experience and education—to bring definition and clarity to the world of Messianic Judaism…award-winning doctoral dissertation…recently collaborated with fellow Cambridge graduate…to compile a groundbreaking work…"

    The opposing view is a “murky glow” , overshadowed by controversy and confusion” , and those who dare make claims opposing are just “adding to the confusion.” Opposing views don’t help according to their general take–just sing the party line or get off the bus… oh wait!!! I am not on their bus (as they define it)… I forgot!

    Bottom line: in their view their supporters are real scholars... those of the OL/TH/HR not well qualified in experience or knowledge...not real scholars.
    @Peter you have a right to be outraged. @James not everyone who disagrees with you, FFOZ, and "authentic" MJ reacts out of a victim mentality. Sometimes we are just fed up with what is being fed to the WWW by "ministries" that should know better!
    I'm done with my rant and wish everyone in the Messiah whether OL/TH/HR or "authentic" MJ a peaceful Shabbat!

    1. Love this comment. Hilarious and true. : )

    2. Agreed, very funny and true comment. I laughed at the analogy of "true scholarship" is what they uphold and believe, and all the 'independent' Messianics(non-affiliated to an abc organization) are thus lacking any form of true scholarship, its a fringe movement of wackos...