Thursday, February 6, 2014

Non-Messianic Jewish Perceptions of the Hebrew Roots Movement

Here's a fascinating and well-documented post by our beloved brother Judah Himango that everyone should check out:



  1. Inspiring, also the orginal piece in Tablet Magazine.

  2. It is interesting how Judah deftly omits the "2 house" problem which infests the "Hebrew Roots" group. When a Gentiles comes to a Jew and says: "you are from Judah and I am from Israel," how do you expect the Jew to react?

  3. Just as the first century Yeshua movement had a few initial rules for gentiles so that there could be fellowship, I propose a few rules of my own. Of course the response my be, "You must think you know everything because you are Jewish. What right do you have to tell us anything." Okay fine, you don't need to take a hold of the tzitzit of a Jew, to learn from those who have, albeit imperfectly, been studying and doing torah for thousands of years; you already know everything since you have been reading torah in English for the past six months and listening to equally ignorant YouTube scholars.

    But for those who have ears to hear:

    1. Please give a rest to this, "Judah said this," "Judah won't let us do that," and finally, "Judah has to accept us." Use the term, "the Jewish people," as everyone knows what you are talking about and it is non-offensive. Yes, I know the term, "Judah," is in scripture.

    2. Please stop with this throwing around the divine name as if you were talking about your cousin Sue or your neighbor Tom. Yeshua is never recorded as using the name.

    3. Enough whining. Torah tells us the obedience of the people is to who? The scepter shall not depart from who? In Ps. 60:7, who is, "my scepter?" Look at Is. 9:21 and Is. 11:12-13. Nah. 1:15 - The feasts belong to Judah, so enough of the, "we follow torah and they follow tradition."

  4. You need to check before you comment. I was referring to Judah Himango, not to the tribe of Judah.

    BTW, I am just as Jewish as you are, although I don'y flaunt it like you do....

  5. I know Judah and I read your comment. I was replying to the 2House issue, at least how it looks from some people I have spoken with.

    I don't know that I flaunt my Jewishness; it is just there. One reason I avoid MessyWorld ....

    By "just as Jewish," you mean both parents Jewish, spouse Jewish, kids Jewish, (and something really wonderful I promised not to share on social media but those who know me know what I am talking about) grew up Jewish and bar/bat mitzvah? Sorry, I admit I don't have any fake smicha via some online, unaccredited business, but they don't provide such to women anyway.