Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not Sure What to Do

The good news...

...the Church we visit now has a Messianic Congregation meeting in the midst of it on Saturdays.

The bad news...

...the dear lady who informed me and my wife of this seemed to indicate that while she wanted us to come and visit and that we should come, there were elements (UMJC affiliated) who did not want us there.

Why would anyone not want a militant One-Law Messianic like me around?  : )

But, seriously, pray that any relational healing that needs to occur will occur.

At any rate, this does not change my plans of facilitating a One-Law Messianic Fellowship in Richmond, Virginia.

The only question that remains is whether we will take the kind lady up on her invitation...not sure what to do there.


  1. It would not hurt to check it out, if anything, you might be able to expose some aspects that many people are not aware of, concerning the UMJC. You might meet some people who would like to join you and help you formulate a One Law group...

  2. Yes, I love those guys. Some really strong One-Law Messianics out there in Powhatan, Virginia. I just can't make it out there as often as I'd like to for various reasons.

  3. Good points. "He who saves a single life from the UMJC, it's as if he saved an entire world."

  4. Peter, I would suggest visiting. Now I don't keep up on all the latest MessyWorld politics for obvious reasons, including my sanity. But I would guess that you have a wide variety of people and they don't necessarily toe the party line. At least you might have some interesting conversations.

  5. I would say: Go as a visitor, for that's what you are. Keep your eyes open and mouth shut, except of course the normal small talk and conversation during Kiddush &c. Do not argue with them. Only politely ask about their theological perspective, without entering a debate. In this way you are quite able to find out whether you would be welcome as a member or not. Do not try to change their vision, This is always a ridiculous thing for a visitor to do and it never succeeds.

  6. Don't worry. I don't usually try to pick fights on Shabbos. : )