Sunday, February 16, 2014

Personal Update: Creating a Local Messianic Fellowship Group

So, as I've mentioned before, my general strategy for creating a local fellowship is blending online marketing and real-world marketing in two simple steps:

Step One:  Creating a virtual home base for localized social networking purposes (e.g. Facebook Page that has a short URL)

Step Two:  Creating flyers that provide the short web address for the virtual home base and posting them around town in libraries, grocery stores, etc.

To that end, I've learned that Facebook is still the best medium for creating the virtual home base.  Forget Google Communities/Pages, Twitter, and  Google Communities/Pages doesn't give you a short URL;  a Twitter page just won't provide the functionality needed for a virtual home base;  and who wants to pay monthly fees on  (not me).

So, to repeat, the way to go appears to be Facebook.  You create a page and you get a short URL (web address) that you can put on your flyers.  I haven't filled out any information for my page but here's the one I started for my fellowship group:

To make that graphic, by the way, I used the following site:

So the next step is to make a flyer.  I found a site that provides a flyer template.  The following example is not mine!  It's just some random Hebrew Roots group:

You can just delete that group's text and insert your own descriptions.  

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