Monday, August 27, 2012

Jerusalem Council II: The Wrath of Cohen (Question 33)

So there's a few people out there who want to establish a second Jerusalem Council for the Messianic community.  You've got guys like Dan Juster who are trying to do it:

And you've got other Messianic associations giving it a shot:

I have a few reservations about these attempts.

Man needs government because of the evil inclination.  And not just any government but it must be a covenantal government in order to (1) orient man to G-d; (2) separate powers so that the government institution does not become an institutionalization of the evil inclination; (3) ensure that each covenantal member is being represented since each member is an equal ben brit (son of the covenant).


What sort of risks do you see in pursuing a second Jerusalem Council?  And, if you think there are risks, do you believe there's ways of mitigating or negating those risks?


  1. The most difficult thing, and perhaps discouraging factor in creating one, is the likelihood it would have zero power, wouldn't be recognized, and its rulings then be next to useless.

    The risk is, like any government, evil people in the council. The first council had the apostles and witnesses to the Messiah. What (whom) do we have?

    1. Precisely. We certainly don't have individuals of that level of persuasive authority nor do we have the infrastructure to create something with the level of institutional authority of a Jerusalem Council.