Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If the UnCovenanted G-d-Fearers Kept Torah, How Much More Should Covenanted Gentiles Keep Torah?

So Gene posted today about some One Law individuals who rejected One Law after having an intense tete-a-tete with Gene and Boaz Michael (you remember him, right?).  It's an interesting post and I encourage you to check it out.  As per usual, I couldn't read something like that and not comment.  Anyway here's the link to Gene's post:



  1. To bad I was not in the room at the time, that would have been a fun run. :D

    1. Zion, my brother, it is indeed.

      How I wish there could be a videotaped roundtable discussion with guys like you, Cajun, Hegg, Boaz, Gene. How I would love to see such a discussion!

      I would have to sit out of such a discussion. I'm not diplomatic. But I would love to facilitate such a discussion. Is there anyone out there who knows Tim Hegg AND the guys from FFOZ? Are they still on speaking terms with each other?

  2. Gene is a persuasive individual. Yet he wastes much of his talent on sending gentile Messianics back to the Church.

    Gene's "convert" says some interesting things:

    >>> "We had a conversation with a few of my friends and Boaz Michael over ignorant gentiles not observing Torah properly."

    Translation: The MJ world (more so the FFOZ proselyte world) is embarrassed by gentiles keeping the Torah outside Jewish tradition. They should stop and go back to the Church, or convert. (Like Boaz did.)

    >>> "I’m still learning my place as a gentile, or “God-fearer” as FFOZ has put it.

    Translation: They really put me in my place! They showed me how the Torah has laws particular to farmers, women, and kings. They then used this to convince me, a gentiles in Messiah, that I am separate from Israel, a foreigner to the covenants, without access to the Sabbath, feasts of the Lord, dietary guidelines, etc. That is, unless I convert and become a Jew.

    >>> "I no longer wish to find the outward signs of Torah to wear and show everyone my “enlightenment”. I want to first and foremost put Torah in my heart, to honor G-d in the secret places before I even think about wearing the Tzitzit."

    They convinced me that fringes, dietary laws, the sabbath, the feasts, circumcision -- all that Torah stuff -- is exclusive to Jews. This sounded bad, until they tied it to a truth that inward Torah observance is more important than the outward signs.

  3. I don't understand why you guys are so hell bent to argue with a certified flame-thrower like Gene. there is nothing to gain from it and that is why I stopped reading their hate filled blogs.

    So here it is again, from the pen of a Certified Jew:

    Gene, these fake converts like Boaz and his co-horts, Mark Kinzer, Stuart Dauermann and their ilk, ARE ALL RACISTS...

    It is one thing to be proud of one's Judaism, but it is evil for People who know discrimination for generations (Excludes of course the wannabe Jews like Boaz and Derek)to do the same...

    As a Jew, I am ashamed...

    You guys will do good by leaving those crazies alone....

    1. They traded anti-semitism for anti-gentilism, hopefully there is a more respectable solution.

  4. BTW, Messianic Judaism UMJC and BE style is not from God. The proof is that it is comprised from 90% Gentiles, and Jew Wannabes. Hardly any Jews. There are more Jews in the Churches who are being assimilated day in and day out, These idiots use their resources and energies to discriminate against a tiny group as OL. This is not from God, and those racists are just pretenders....

  5. I would looove to hear what their definition of sin is

  6. I would looove to hear what their definition of sin is