Monday, October 1, 2012

My Personal Doctrinal Statement

I believe that G-d is echad (compound unity) and that the doctrine of the trinity is in accord with this oneness.

I believe that the Prophets said Messiah would be G-d (Isaiah 9:6) and that Yeshua is that Messiah.

I believe that the Scripture, which includes the TaNaKh and the Ketuvei haShalichim (Apostolic Scriptures), is the inspired word of G-d and is thus our supreme authority.

I believe that Yeshua did not abolish the Torah but was rather the greatest Torah teacher to ever live, confirming the importance of both the Written Torah and Tradition to His disciples (Acts 21).

I believe that neither the Talmud nor its contemporary, Orthodox interpretation is Divinely authorized but is, nevertheless, a persuasive, non-mandatory authority on matters relating to Oral Tradition.

I believe that, as regarding the Oral Tradition, the only mandatory authorities are the local batei din (councils of elders) operating under the influence of the Ruach, in accord with Biblical procedures for judicial matters and empowered by communal covenant.

I believe that the Israeli covenant, inaugurated at the first Passover and confirmed at Sinai, is binding on the descendants of Israel forever.

I believe that the Kahal (Ekklesia) of Yeshua is a subset of the Kahal of Israel, composed of both Jews and gentiles, and is a community of One Law ("...hakahal chukah achat..." Numbers 15:15) given that the gentiles have become fellow citizens in Israel (Eph 2) along with the rest of Israel.

I believe that gentiles who accept Yeshua and who are immersed by the Ruach have been converted and thus inducted into the family of Israel, the covenants of Israel, and the faith of Israel.

I believe that only those who have asked Yeshua to forgive them of their offenses will be spared on Judgment Day and asked to enter into the Kingdom of G-d.

I believe in the short-term goal of tikkun olam, the repairing of the world, and that the way to achieve this is through living out a lifestyle of chesed (enduring love) and tzedakah (righteousness) based on socio-theo-political covenants (e.g. marriage and local, covenanted religious communities).

I believe that the good news of Yeshua must be spread all over the world so that everyone may have the chance to hearken to Yeshua and receive His forgiveness.

I believe that Yeshua will one day return to establish His Kingdom on earth and will rule from the new Temple in Jerusalem.


  1. What? No "I believe the Gentiles are the lost 10 tribes?"

    1. "I believe that speculating about the whereabouts of lost tribes is bad news bears."

  2. Replies
    1. Dan,

      I thought you were joking with the Two House statement because I didn't say anything about Two House in my doctrinal statement.

      So what are you saying is "not good enough"? I'm genuinely not understanding what you're referring to.

    2. Where are you getting Two House or Lost Tribes from what I wrote?

  3. There are people here who are not only "Speculating...."

  4. Nothing. I was pleasantly surprised you not including this false doctrine on your list.