Monday, October 29, 2012

The Leaders of UMJC Say You Don't Need Yeshua to be Saved

Dan was good enough to provide us with the source for statements made by Mark Kinzer (see his c.v. here) that articulate the false doctrine known as Unrecognized Mediation, the idea that Jews who don't know Yeshua are still saved via an unrecognized mediation offered by Yeshua--in other words, you don't have to know Him in order to be saved.  You can read Kinzer's statement for yourself at the Jews for Jesus Havurah archive (see here).  Here's a quote from the newsletter:

I do believe that the Abrahamic covenant offers Jewish people access to God in and through Yeshua. That does not mean that all Jews, by virtue of being Jews, have a right relationship with God. It does mean that God's favor still rests upon Israel, and He makes a way for humble and faithful members of His people to enter His presence through the unrecognized mediation of Israel's Messiah.
Once again, I thank Jews for Jesus for facilitating this public discussion, and for helping to highlight and clarify the important differences that exist between us.
M. Kinzer

So how do you refute this false doctrine?  I think our friend Zion said it best:

"Too bad Kinzer was not there to inform Paul, that the gospel did not actually need to go the Jew first, or better yet, to the Jew at all. It would have saved him a lot of trouble, especially the lashes and stoning's that he encountered."

Zion highlights the absurdity of Unrecognized Mediation.  If Jews don't need to know Yeshua in order to be saved, then why did Yeshua say to preach the gospel in Judea?  Why did Paul and the other Apostles take such pains (oftentimes quite literally) to spread the gospel to Jews in synagogue?  If Unrecognized Mediation--salvation apart from recognizing Yeshua--is true then Believers don't need to share the gospel with Jews.
So it's just Mark Kinzer, right?  It's not like he's the leader of the UMJC, right?  Check out the link I provided for Kinzer's c.v.  It shows that he really is the man behind the curtain over at the UMJC.  But if you don't think this false doctrine has permeated the UMJC then I invite you to visit a UMJC synagogue.  See if they EVER say anything about how to share the gospel with Jews.  I for one never heard them speak of sharing the gospel.  Which is kind of bad when you consider that it's a gospel to the Jew first.  
Anyway, thanks to Zion for showing us the absurdity of Unrecognized Mediation.  I knew it was a false doctrine but I didn't know how to articulate it until he wrote that comment.  



  1. Romans 10:1 says it all. Why did Paul have to say this if "Unrecognized Mediation" is in force?

    1. Yes, that's perfect. Here's the verse for others: "Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved."

      The implication there is that they're not saved (from eternal punishment) on the basis of being Israel alone. That's a good verse, Dan. Thanks.