Friday, December 21, 2012

As Christians Help You, So You Should Help Christians

I know there are people reading this who have just started to wake up to the Jewish roots of the faith.  They feel isolated, unsure of where to go.  They feel like they can't trust Christian church because it has spread an anti-Judaic message.  To you I have a message:

Don't be the angry outcast!

Remember that G-d does work in Christianity, that He moves Christians to do His work.  Do you need help networking to find a job?  There's probably a Christian ministry for that in your town!  Do you need counseling for a failing marriage?  There's probably a Christian ministry for that in your town!

We're all family:  Christians and Messianics.  And we can help each other in love.  Messianic, you can help them to understand the Jewish Roots of the Faith!  And they can help minister to your needs as well.

Remember, G-d gives gifts to EVERYONE.  Together, these gifts make us whole.  So I recommend that, wherever you are, that you consider the following strategy:


Work with your Christian brothers and sisters for mutual advantage!


Build up a Messianic community!  And do it through example of being loving and passionate about the Torah!

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