Monday, December 17, 2012

Why Did Joseph Command the Egyptians to Circumcise? [UPDATED]

Joseph was in charge of Egypt.  This made him the master and the Egyptians were his servants.  Thus, he was required to circumcise them.  At least this is what Rashi has to say about Genesis 41.  So I'll give you a link to an article about this--it's very interesting.  Elsewhere in Jewish commentary we learn more about Joseph's reasoning:  the Torah says that uncircumcision is a "shame" and this word for "shame" refers to famine (Ezekiel 36:30).  So Joseph thought that if he removed the shame then he would remove the famine---and he did!

Anyway, here's an article to read if you're interested in this:  CLICK HERE.

UPDATE:  What I would like you all to consider:  if Yeshua is your master and you are His servant then isn't Yeshua required to have you circumcised (at some point) according to Genesis 17?  Hey, this is just a discussion.  Let's discuss!  Perhaps you have another perspective?

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