Friday, December 14, 2012

Tips and Strategies for Starting a Local Messianic Fellowship Group

So recently I posted a question about this subject and got some great responses.  Here's a bullet list of the ideas that were generated:

  • If you're already attending a church or even if you're just visiting, share your beliefs in a non-confrontational manner by inviting people over for Shabbat dinners.  There's nothing more compelling than seeing the traditions in action.  It's also more difficult to argue with someone when all they're doing is enjoying their Faith and expressing solidarity with Israel.

  • Try starting a Bible study group with a local church that meets on Wednesday nights.  Be the voice for Messianic Judaism in your group.  Try to calibrate your message to your audience.  Remember:  Christians are largely anti-Judaic.  This means they are wary about anything you say that is pro-Judaic.  But don't beat yourself up if conflict is generated.  Know that it's not your fault if you're speaking the truth in love.  Conflict is the fault of either (1) anti-Judaism or (2) exclusionism (i.e. the belief that G-d excludes Gentiles from the covenants). 

  • Propose to teach a Jewish Roots class at a local church.  Some churches are already involved in Jewish Roots.  This can be an excellent way to ascertain which people will be friendly to our movement.

  • Go door to door.  Hand out flyers.  Address basic topics (not the advanced One Law stuff).  For example, offer tips on "how to choose a good husband" or "how to be a good worker", etc.  Let people know you're starting a home bible study group.  

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