Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coincidence? Or a Confirmation from G-d?

I was able to go to the Wednesday night small group session at Grove Ave. Baptist Church yesterday.  I'm glad I went!

When I arrived, I suddenly wanted to skip the first part of the men's group.  I suddenly dreaded the video part of the class in which I inevitably become impatient.  "I think I'll skip the first part of the class" I said to my wife in the lobby.  "I like the discussion part but I just can't stand sitting through the videos..."

I think my wife just nodded, knowing that I'd end up going.  And then she went to her class.  And I was left with the decision to hang out in the lobby or proceed to class.  So I reluctantly chose to go to class.

I got there and started talking with the leader.  He asked about my week.  I told him about how I was looking for a professional mentor, hopefully a G-dly lawyer who has had a practice for a while.

Then, within a few moments, it was time to start the video.  For someone like me who loves conversation, this is the difficult part!  I dislike sitting passively.  I want to engage!

But then the video started...

"Guys, it's so important to have a mentor in your life" the lecturer began, "someone who will be committed to your development.  And you can even have different mentors for different areas in your life:  mentors for your profession, mentors for your marriage relationship...."

Yes, dear reader, I'm always resisting the flow.  And G-d has to do things like this--all the time--to get my attention.  He will literally shut me up sometimes.  Sometimes he makes me cry in the spirit and I literally can't talk.  This has happened in meetings with certain high-ranking Christians before.  G-d just lets me know when the time is not right and He lets me feel a small amount of His own grief.

Anyway, I think G-d is happy with this particular Christian community.  Check this out:

My wife gets out of her class and tells me about the Hannukah Party that Grove is hosting this Friday.

"Oh?" I say.  "So it's probably the guy from Tikvat running it, right?"

"No, it's one of the pastors."

And she mentioned his name.

Earlier that day, Zion had urged me to work from within the church and so I sent this guy an email.  Got a reply from him just now.  He told me a little about the pro-Judaic journey that this church is on and invited me to come meet him.  He also said something that gives me a clue where he believes all of this is headed.

Dear readers, this particular church isn't just some small, country church with a few hundred congregants.  This church was the largest contributor to the Southern Baptist Convention in the state of Virginia.  They have their own television program.  This is one of the oldest Baptist churches in town!  And they are doing something that has never been done in the history of Christianity until now.

So is it just a coincidence that we happened to start visiting THIS CHURCH out of all the churches in our town?

Yes, it will be very interesting to see where this goes.  I'm very much looking forward to my meeting with the pastors and discussing the formation of a Jewish Roots fellowship group.  I'll keep you posted, dear reader!


  1. Lol, that is great to hear. I have done the same, there have been times, where I have approached certain situations with a negative view, thinking this is going to be a big mistake, considering changing my course and leaving that situation, and then they have turned out to be God driven and steps ordered, and you can only look back and laugh at yourself and the whole situation.

  2. Amen! I agree with Zion. There have been many times that, to my chagrin, I've looked in the mirror and found myself laughable. "Oh me of little faith..."! May you find solace in the company of fellow believers and increased faith as you explore your Lord's will.