Sunday, June 15, 2014

Church Update

Funny thing happened this morning at the church I visit.  The lesson was about how to distinguish deception from Truth.

I held my tongue till about five minutes before the class let out.  And then I thought to myself "well, why not..."

So I talked about how Constantine deceived generations of Believers by switching out Biblical holy days like Passover and Sukkot with Easter and Christmas.  I talked about how we need to use the Bible as the measure for what is True rather than relying on widely-held and long-accepted traditions of men. I also provided the example of how people think marriage licenses are acceptable even though they were originally created to enforce anti-miscegenation laws, that Adam didn't need a marriage "license" to marry Eve.  I also cited the example of how public schooling is actually a violation of the Freedom of Speech because government-run education is tantamount to forced speech, that before there were public schools the children were taught Christian lessons.  My point was that we can't something as true just because we've grown up with it our whole life, that we really need to search the Scriptures to see what's true.

And you know what the funny part about it was?  Even though I encouraged them to question Christian tradition, there were murmurs of agreement!

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