Monday, June 16, 2014

The UMJC's New Low: "Acknowledge That the New Covenant Excludes Gentiles or Bring a Curse Upon Yourself" [UPDATED]

The UMJC must now either repudiate James Pyles, the blogger they promote on the UMJC website or else show to the world that they accept the following:

"For the New Covenant was made with the house of Judah and the house of Israel, not the people of the nations, and it is only by coming alongside Israel rather than replacing her or co-opting her unique relationship with God, that we can enjoy blessings of the covenants God made with the Jewish people.To deny this on any level is to bring a curse upon yourself, but to bless and uphold the nation of Israel and the distinct nature and character of the Jewish people is to bring blessings upon yourself from God, who selected Israel for His own," from

 If the UMJC does not repudiate James Pyles IMMEDIATELY then let it be known to the world that the UMJC teaches that Gentiles are excluded from the New Covenant.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  I visited a UMJC synagogue recently and noticed a flyer at the welcome table.  In this flyer that's printed on official UMJC letterhead, it promotes the blog of James Pyles.  So the UMJC directs Gentiles to this man's teachings in various ways, not just the website


  1. Technically, it does not really matter, no matter how hard people try to fight this (gentiles observing Torah), it will only continue to grow, praise God! People can either find a place of commonality or maintain their divisive perspectives.

  2. You will need to speak with James yourself to get his take, but I don't see that he is claiming that a gentile cannot join the covenant, as gentiles have joined with the covenant people since their sojourn in Egypt. You may be taking things out of context.

    What I see a lot of is those who claim they can do torah and decide how to do torah independent of the Jewish people and usually with an attitude of, "We are as good as you; we are better than you." The one law was for those who sojourn among us, not for those who sojourn by themselves. Ten men of all nations and tongues take a hold of the tzitzit of one Jew; they don't make their own tzitzit in their team colors and decide to make up torah as they go along, evangelical style.

  3. To a reasonable person, the above-quoted statements convey an unmistakeable message.

    I didn't take him out of context. I quoted the full context and provided a link to his entire post--a post which he deleted apparently because he got scared of the firestorm that had begun to rain down upon him. Now he will try to backtrack and talk out of both sides of his mouth.

  4. I'm only commenting because of your statement: "a post which he deleted apparently because he got scared of the firestorm that had begun to rain down upon him. Now he will try to backtrack and talk out of both sides of his mouth."

    Two things. First off, I deleted nothing. The link works:

    Second, obviously you disagree with me and that's fine, but ask yourself if your words and the attitude they convey are for the sake of Heaven or speak from your own personality. You can respond to this if you like. I have no intention of engaging you in further conversation. I merely wished to correct your misperception and incorrect characterization of my intent and motives.

  5. James,

    Your literature is in the lobby of the same UMJC synagogue that my daughter has visited. So your false teachings have the potential to affect people like her. So I absolutely think that protecting her and others from your false teachings is for the sake of heaven!

  6. What a crazy question to ask! You might as well ask me "Do you really feel it's necessary to protect your family from evil influences?"

    Of course I do!