Sunday, June 8, 2014

We'll Have to Respond to This...



  1. Wow. So sorry we didn't share when having fun with that one... Never wrote a full response... It would take a barrel of ink to fix that, but we laughed at Brad Scott's response followed by at least two good discussion thread.

    Since, the topic has again come up in several threads... Great fodder for discussion!

  2. This papers falls apart at this statement:

    While the Torah does contain certain moral laws given to Israel, it was not in fact, given in order to be the ultimate moral statement and standard of God to humanity for ethics and basic right v. wrong living. The Torah does not purport to be such a statement.

    Someone clearly has never read Deuteronomy 4 or does not understand its implications.

    Also, the fact that the Torah is stated to reach the nations from various prophets, which some say is a Messianic Kingdom fulfillment, proves it is intended for a much greater scale... Zech 14 details a major punishment for the nations who fail to observe the commandment concerning Sukkot in the Torah.

    Their entire argument for this paper relies on this statement being true... :P

  3. I didn't study the paper carefully, but my take is that the history and diagnosis is accurate, while the proposed treatment isn't. Is 19:2 and 2Chron 20:22 (as well as other verses) explain how the enemies of God/Israel fight and consume each other.

    While in the past I may have taken the bait and joined the fray, I believe the best course of action is to refuse to take up arms in any of these doctrinal/political polemical battles. Perhaps we can offer something better?

    One serious error is broad-brushing large groups of people and also assuming that identified leaders and teachers are representative and speak for everyone. Perhaps this is also judgment upon those who make idols of men, their movements and doctrines.

    When I see a James 3:16 situation, I don't believe any of the sides are right. I can see that even what is intended for evil (or selfishness) can be turned to good. But when one attempts to enact God's ways via human methods, you end up begetting an Ishmael who is himself fruitful. You can't get rid of the sons of Ishmael because their existence is the natural consequence for disobedience. All you can do is avoid the Ishmael's and their ways. If I see a lot of infighting and deceit going on behind the scenes, I suspect this is something not blessed from heaven, and it is a form of passive judgement to allow reaping what one has sowed.

  4. I'll definitely check it out. Who is Brad Scott again?

  5. Brad is a teacher that has been in the Hebraic for about 20 or 25 years. His website, with lots of good teaching, is

    He is a 'one law' guy who will be teaching in Myrtle Beach August 22 & 23 if you are interested.

    Scholarly background with excellent digging in primary sources. Seminary trained (if I remember correctly) former Lutheran pastor.

  6. A short response from Tim Hegg:

  7. Thanks, Gary. It sickens me that the IAMCS, an organization that purports to follow Yeshua, would so blatantly and knowingly mischaracterize Tim Hegg's position.