Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bringing Up Girls

Being that I'm a tough guy, I didn't cry last night when my wife told me a touching story from the book "Bringing Up Girls" by Dr. Dobson (but it was a close call).  He tells this story about when his three-year-old daughter was trying to wave at him as he was heading off to work and she had started to cry because he didn't see her:

"One day when she was three, she and her mother came to the front yard to wave at me as I drove away.  I had already backed out of the drive-way, however, and didn't see them standing there.  Danae recalls that she sobbed in disappointment.  But when I was a long block away, I happened to catch a glimpse of my little family in my rearview mirror.  They were still frantically waving good-bye.  As I was going around the corner, I put my arm out the window and waved in return..."

And here's the kicker:

"...Even after all these years, Danae remembers the excitement she felt at that moment when her dadddy saw her and returned her wave." pgs. 3-4 of Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson

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